100% talc-free surface Latex-free Esmarch bandages PATENT# US10710279

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The all-new range of latex-free based Esmarch/ Esmarks bandages with 100% talc/ powder-free surface (PATENT# US10710279) makes the best choice of use in orthopedic surgery and numerous cosmetic procedures. They reduce blood loss, provide consistent elongation for optimum compression, and facilitates the identification of structures, thereby reducing operating time and reducing surgical complications.

Set to global medical industry standards of safety and comfort, BioStretch is a proprietary synthetic latex-free elastomer-based Esmarch bandages that are free of natural rubber latex protein allergens and offer excellent elasticity.

These latex-free esmarch bandages with textured surface can be manufactured in low surface talc or 100% talc-free surface option & are sterilizable by Gamma or ETO techniques.

The benefits of polyisoprene (latex-free) powder-free Esmarch bandages:

  • Offer maximum and consistent pressure to extremities for exsanguination before surgery
  • Textured surface for better grip
  • Latex-free
  • Talc / Powder-free
  • Precise gauge and property control

They are wrapped around the limb to apply maximum consistent pressure to extremities before surgeries and should be discarded after use to avoid cross-contamination.