Addressing & Preventing Facemask problems

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We all have to do our part to help slow the spread of coronavirus and according to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention that includes wearing a facemask. Wearing a facemask won’t necessarily prevent you from catching the respiratory virus, but will reduce the risk of transmitting the virus from anyone who’s knowingly or unknowingly infected to others.

With both essential and non-essential workers adapting to wearing facemasks all day, unfortunately, the over extensive/ prolonged usage of facemask can create restlessness behind the ears, so much so that they are incorporating elastic into hairstyles- and this ingenuity leads to the creation of clever products to deter this restlessness.

While there are a lot of quirky products in the market that will make this new norm just a little more comfortable, there are a few things you would want in the ear loops/ elastic tapes of your facemasks.

With that being said, BioStretch Elastic Rubber Tapes by GBL made with latex-free rubber gives you:

  • Excellent stretch recovery, increasing the flexibility of the elastic rubber tapes
  • Consistent Tension across the Length leading to good elongation

Following the above, the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) says, N95 respirator masks have a particularly high risk for injury due to requirements for a tight fit. A skin injury can also occur as a result of friction and the accumulation of moisture under the mask. Check out their tips as well to protect your skin from pressure injuries.