Advantages of Resistance Bands for Toning up Shoulder Muscles

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Resistance Bands also known as exercise bands, PowerStretch exercise bands are an effective way to create resistance or muscle building. Mostly used for exercises that target specific muscles and muscles groups. These bands are available in latex or latex-free varieties. The latex exercise bands have a smooth surface, the latex free resistance bands surface have a textured surface, for better gripping.  Resistance Bands are available in “incremental resistance” and are color-coded.

(These bands should be used under practitioner/ professional guidance only)

A few exercise tips –

Shoulder Upright Row:

Shoulder upright row targets on deltoid muscle, pectoralis major, extensor muscles, biceps brachii as a result it tones up the muscles.

shoulder upright row

Shoulder Press:

Shoulder press targets on deltoid muscle as a result it increases muscle strength.

shoulder press

Shoulder Transverse Adduction:

Shoulder transverse adduction targets on pectoralis major muscle as a result it increases the chest muscle strength.

shoulder transverse adduction

Shoulder Extension:

Shoulder Extension targets on latissimus dorsi muscle, teres major, posterior fibers of deltoid, triceps as a result it tones up and increases muscle strength of upper back and posterior arms muscles.

shoulder extention
PowerStretch Exercise bands are alternatives to free weights and resistance machines for toning and strengthening muscles. Working out with these elastic rubber products are as good as working out with dumbbells or a weight machine.