Benefits of Disposable Tourniquets to Medical Industry


Protection of patients from infections or contaminations is a highlight point for medical and healthcare facilities from small clinics and doctor’s offices to urgent care centers and large hospitals with elaborate emergency rooms and trauma centers. As we are aware, in the medical & healthcare facilities commonly blood samples are collected from a patients arm for further testing and injections are administered to the patients arm. Tourniquets are used for both collection of blood and administration of injections.

Tourniquets are wrapped / tightened around a patient’s arm to make the veins more visible during blood collection, administration of injections and to control blood flow during some operations. A number of medical facilities use reusable tourniquets for the above described medical activities, the problem that arises from using tourniquets on multiple patients is the risk of spreading infections or contaminations. To create an infection and safe medical environment disposable tourniquets / single use tourniquets are being recommended to be used in all medical and healthcare facilities.

100% latex-free disposable tourniquets are available which provides protection from skin irritations and allergy. Latex-free tourniquets are also used by medical kit manufacturers /assemblers in medical kits.

Disposable tourniquets are definitely a great solution for the medical industry as it offers various benefits:

  • Single use tourniquets eliminate the risk of infection among both patients and staff.
  • Disposable tourniquets is a contributing factor to an infection and safe medical setting in clinics, doctors’ offices, hospitals, emergency rooms and trauma centers.
  • Most of the disposable tourniquets are latex-free, hence safe for patients with latex allergy.
  • Widely used in medical and first aid kits.

Garware Bestretch provides tailor made solutions through its medical brand BioStretch, comprising of latex and latex-free tourniquets that perfectly serves the needs of the medical industry.

BioStretch latex-free & latex tourniquets are user friendly, tear resistant and durable. The tourniquets easily fit on all limb sizes. The tourniquets are manufactured for regular use, also comes in neonatal, paediatric, and bariatric types. Garware Bestretch latex-free tourniquets are listed with FDA, USA.

BioStretch range covers latex-free esmarch bandages, latex-free sheets, rubber sheets and elastic rubber tapes for medical disposable apparels like ear loops of face masks, shoe covers, bouffant caps and disposable clothing.

Trust Garware Bestretch products for being user friendly, safe and comfortable.