BioStretch® Tourniquets

Maintain your safety with BioStretch® disposable tourniquets by preventing cross-contamination!

BioStretch® tourniquets are user-friendly. Medical practitioners can conveniently use them on all limb shapes & sizes due to their stretching capabilities and length.

After the procedure, the single-use strap should be discarded to avoid cross-contamination.


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Latex-free BioStretch® Tourniquets are

  • Free of natural rubber latex protein allergens
  • Help in achieving better infection control practices
  • Provide optimum contraction with a non-slip textured surface
  • Convenient to use and relieves user discomfort with reduced pressure
  • Static-free
  • Have excellent stretch and recovery attributes

Speaking about tourniquets’ manufacturing, we consider inspection to be the indispensable tool of our manufacturing process. It assures us the confidence to promote the quality & reliability of the products and aims at customer satisfaction.

Inspection and packaging are done in a cleanroom environment.
Customized packaging and labeling are available. Tourniquets are packaged cut to length in various formats – flat, rolled & banded, perforated reel, or butterfly folded.