BioStretch® Tourniquets

Maintain your safety with BioStretch® disposable tourniquets by preventing cross-contamination! BioStretch® tourniquets are user-friendly. Medical practitioners can conveniently use them on all [...]

GBL x Fulflex for Textile Industry

GBL x Fulflex for Textile Industry Sub-brands introduced for #ThePerfectFit Laundraflex® Features & Benefits Special formulation of synthetic or natural rubber compounds Flatter for better [...]

Elastic Tapes for #ThePerfectFit

Over the years, Garware Bestretch & Fulflex have emerged as the world’s premier manufacturer of Elastic Rubber Tapes, catering to the needs of the most prominent apparel manufacturers across [...]

Facemasks during this pandemic

Ever since the pandemic era has begun, facemasks have become an icon. Healthcare workers wear surgical masks/ N95 masks/respirator masks, there’s evidence that it protects them from respiratory [...]

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