BioStretch® Tourniquets

Maintain your safety with BioStretch® disposable tourniquets by preventing cross-contamination! BioStretch® tourniquets are user-friendly. Medical practitioners can conveniently use them on all [...]

GBL x Fulflex for Textile Industry

GBL x Fulflex for Textile Industry Sub-brands introduced for #ThePerfectFit Laundraflex® Features & Benefits Special formulation of synthetic or natural rubber compounds Flatter for better [...]

Elastic Tapes for #ThePerfectFit

Over the years, Garware Bestretch & Fulflex have emerged as the world’s premier manufacturer of Elastic Rubber Tapes, catering to the needs of the most prominent apparel manufacturers across [...]

Facemasks during this pandemic

Ever since the pandemic era has begun, facemasks have become an icon. Healthcare workers wear surgical masks/ N95 masks/respirator masks, there’s evidence that it protects them from respiratory [...]

GBL For Environmental Sustainability

OVERVIEW We believe the environment to be one of the core values of responsible businesses, hence, we ensure its sustainability by adapting the best ecological practices, protection of flora and [...]

Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are the leaders responding to the COVID- 19 situation? Ans.: GBL has activated its cross- functional team. They meet daily and provide guidance for our businesses and employees in response [...]

Solution not Pollution

As one of the world’s premier manufacturers of latex and latex-free Elastic Rubber Products, we aim at focusing on environmental sustainability, conserving the environment and concern for [...]

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