Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How are the leaders responding to the COVID- 19 situation?
Ans.: GBL has activated its cross- functional team. They meet daily and provide guidance for our businesses and employees in response to the latest COVID-19 news and local and regional directives. All GBL sites have plans in place with specific roles and responsibilities relating to this health crisis. We have released an Advisory on Business Continuity Measure to be more precise and clear on our actions.

Q: Will COVID- 19 impact GBL Supply Chain?
Ans.: GBL continues to monitor the COVID-19 coronavirus situation and its impacts globally. We are prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and will work with customers and suppliers to evaluate and address any potential supply chain disruptions. At present, our closest ocean port, at Nhava Sheva Mumbai, is operational. There are certain delays at the ports due to backed up shipments and lower than normal manpower available. However, operations are picking up and we have started receiving containers and shipping material. Air cargo at Mumbai International terminal has resumed its operations from 1st April. Please connect with our sales & customer support teams for more information.

Many country, regional and local governments already have implemented general lockdowns, restricted travel, localized quarantines or mandated health screenings. GBL continues to comply with all instructions from official bodies.

Q: What are we doing for the safety and health of our Employees & Customers?
Ans.: Out of an abundance of caution for the health of our employees and to support local government initiatives to stem the spread of the virus, GBL has implemented several precautions at various sites across. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Transitioning onsite visitor meetings to virtual conference or postponing such meetings altogether where necessary or where the meeting is not business-critical
  • Limiting visitor site access to business-essential purposes
  • Introducing mandatory temperature checks at all the sites
  • Enabling employees to work from home where required or necessary
  • Continuously updating travel guidance, according to newest developments
  • Complying with all local health authority guidance or regulations

Q: How is GBL managing the production at sites in the COVID 19 situations?
Ans.: GBL, being the critical supplier for mask manufacturing, understands how vital our components are and have extended our support to contribute by ramping up our production at the best possible level. The company is mobilizing its global supplier network to step up support and production in this extraordinary situation.

GBL is also calling on governments to facilitate enhanced access to critical materials and components by not imposing restrictions.

Q: Which sites are fully operational in the COVID- 19 situation?
Ans.: GBL has a manufacturing footprint in North America and India, which has been kept partially functional in the crisis. GBL is working around the clock to meet the unprecedented global demand.