Elastic Rubber Tapes for Mask Manufacturers

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The rapidly changing situation around the coronavirus spread has created many challenges to the individuals, families, societies and companies. It’s such a unique situation we find ourselves in, as most of us have never experienced a health crisis of this scale.

Throughout the recent developments, our people are safe and are creating contingency plans and working with the mask manufacturers across the globe. Also, we are working with them because we have the expertise to ensure the right product for the application and help them with the same.

Being the critical suppliers of elastic rubber headbands, TPE headbands and respiratory valves for face mask manufacturers, we are seeing increased demand for the face masks by the end-user. We understand how vital our components are and are ramping up our production to the best possible capacity.

GBL is determined to support its customers with manufacturing capabilities in North America, India & Europe region allowing us to serve customers globally, besides, we are constantly reviewing the situations across and acting sensibly and diligently. The internal management team at GBL is actively engaged in finding out the most expedient and economical solutions to meet the urgent production needs in this pandemic.

With years and years of domain expertise, we are here to help you adjust to whatever may happen next.

For quick solutions to your productions exigencies, reach out to us on below numbers region- wise: