Elastic Tapes for #ThePerfectFit

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Over the years, Garware Bestretch & Fulflex have emerged as the world’s premier manufacturer of Elastic Rubber Tapes, catering to the needs of the most prominent apparel manufacturers across the globe.

Our Elastic Tapes are the one-stop solution for the perfect fit.

These are formulated for the textile & apparel industry to provide unique performance attributes, including complete washability without shrinking, staining, or yellowing.

Considering changing market trends, the fabrics in today’s athletic wear, swimwear, underwear, shapewear, and intimate apparel require the superior stretching ability that works in solving customer needs- the need for fit and comfort combined with long-lasting performance.

The sub-brands of GBL & Fulflex are wholly unique & have offerings aligned well with the objectives to provide the perfect fit across the body- types.

We have leveraged our many multiple years of elastic making experience to develop the insert elastic tapes & threads to ensure the optimal performance of apparel applications.

Consistently meeting & exceeding the unparalleled international quality standards, we have emerged as the go-to brand when it comes to elastic rubber tape for the apparel & textile industry.

Watch out this space as we introduce our sub-brands to you for that perfect fit!!!