Everything about Ribbed Elastic Rubber Tapes, you should know

Textured Elastic Tapes, tapes with embossing impression on the surface, ribbed elastic tapes

Ever wondered what type of elastic rubber tapes are inserted in swimwear, fitted bedsheets sportswear & iron board cover to meet the requirements of high productivity?
We have got you an answer!

Ribbed/ Textured Elastic Rubber Tapes are the special tapes with embossing impression on the surface and goes through a special treatment for excellent lubricity. The special treatment increases the lubricity and reduces the friction to meet the customer requirements of high productivity. A special formulation of synthetic or natural rubber compounds that delivers superior results in the demanding fabrics of today’s textile industry.

They are available in a variety of thicknesses, widths and colors for the elastication of apparels like swimwear, including leg elastic, waistbands and shoulder straps. The Elastic’s high heat resistance, outstanding wash resistance and versatility has also found wide acceptance in an assortment of Home Textile products like fitted bed sheets, iron board covers, etc.

Features & Benefits you should definitely consider:

  • High heat resistance and sustainability to hot water washing.
  • Superior stretch, extension and recovery properties to ensure optimal performance.
  • Superior needle tear resistance.
  • Superior wash resistance (resistant to chlorine & salt water – for swimwear, perspiration and mild detergents).
  • Non-shrinking-retains original size and tension after multiple washing.
  • Completely launderable and long lasting.
  • Efficiently packaged and lubricated so coefficient of friction remains stable in prolonged storage for excellent sewing performance.

Having said this, the in- house manufactured Ribbed/Textured Elastic Rubber Tapes have everything you can expect. With our rich experience in making insert elastic rubber tapes, we have designed & developed these tapes for high performance and are available at competitive costs.

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