Facemasks during this pandemic

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Ever since the pandemic era has begun, facemasks have become an icon.

Healthcare workers wear surgical masks/ N95 masks/respirator masks, there’s evidence that it protects them from respiratory infections.

As the government eases the lockdowns it has made wearing a facemask mandatory, for the public, as a preventive measure.

Out of many protective measures, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended covering your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others, in light of COVID- 19.

The idea of wearing a mask is to help prevent the individual from contracting any infectious virus and part of an infection control strategy to keep the coronavirus infection cornered.

Facemask Recommendation:

Deciding on which facemasks you should buy and understanding who they protect, figuring out if you can reuse them are daunting tasks.

Some opt for a scarf wrapped around a face while some prefer the surgical masks, cloth masks & the rarer still, N95 masks/mask with respirators. However, N95 masks are recommended for healthcare workers. While the reusable surgical & cloth masks, are not recommended for the health care workers & #COVID19 carriers, they can provide enough protection to the public for their everyday use.

In the context of COVID-19, it is said that wearing a mask may make people feel safer, but the other protective behaviors such as social distancing, washing and sanitizing hands are equally important to reduce chances of infection.