A figure-flattering fit & unmatched comfort

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All you need are TPU tapes! With its great design, flexibility and durability they provide comfort, fit and fashion for a wide range of textiles and garments!

Seam bindings, bra- straps, leg and waistbands for lingerie, silk stocking tops, swimwear, and other garments are few other applications where TPU tapes are widely used.

When talking about contemporary & comfortable intimate wear, the ever-evolving consumer trends have led us to develop TPU tapes that provide a long and useful life which, outlasts the life of the garment. These tapes deliver superior results in the demanding fabrics of today’s textile industry for seam reinforcement, gathering finish on mesh / lace fabrics.

Consumer behavior is to seek and purchase more durable garments, these tapes combines fashion & function and are made with a synthetic formula free of natural rubber protein allergen. Materials like TPU elastic tapes used in making intimate apparels & lingerie allow flexibility of design and aesthetics & are durable.

We recommend TPU tapes for the following features and benefits:

  • Synthetic formula, free of natural rubber protein allergen
  • High Modulus and strength
  • Clear and durable
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Customized features – colors, modulus, cross-section
  • Thinner than standard elastics eliminating unsightly seams and bulges
  • Garments maintain shape after multiple wear/wash cycles
  • Clear and transparent, eliminating grin through and providing fashion
  • Excellent laundering or dry cleaning resistance
  • Flexibility of design and aesthetics for customized products features
  • Continuous processing from engineered packaging systems

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