What is Garware Bestretch doing to cope with the COVID-19 Situation?

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GBL is ramping up the production capacity, at our Vermont, USA & Wai, India sites for the production of elastic rubber headbands, TPE headbands, and respiratory valves for face masks. We also supply the rubber tapes to the manufacturers of medical disposable apparels like gowns, bouffant caps.

Some of the largest mask OEMs are already using our products and we are an integral part of the supply chain for them, which is been formally acknowledged by them.

Considering the COVID- 19 crisis, many of the textile giants are contributing to the world by converting the production of apparels to the production of face masks.

We, being the critical supplier for mask manufacturing, understand how vital our components are and have extended our support to contribute by ramping up our production to the best possible capacity at our fully operational plants in Vermont & Wai. We are preparing ourselves to be responsive in this pandemic and so our forefront employees in the US, Europe, India, Central America & SE Asia are working diligently.

We invite the new entrants in mask manufacturing to take advantage of our offerings.

Our dedicated team of logistics experts is rigorously working with the various apparel companies by helping them quickly start up the production with the most economical and expedient solutions.

GBL & Fulflex use the finest Natural and Synthetic Poly-isoprene (Latex-free) Rubber and meet the highest hygiene and safety standards for medical use. We have the expertise to ensure the right product for the application and help our customers with the same.

Garware Bestretch Limited is a world’s premier manufacturer of latex and latex-free Elastic Rubber Products. The brand has gained recognition and trust globally and is today recognized for its qualities of top performance, durability, and versatility. It has grown from strength to strength and has diversified into various categories such as Apparel, Home Textile, Medical Disposables, Gym/Rehab and more. The brand has made a mark in global and domestic markets in these categories and has set new benchmarks for the industry.

GBL & Fulflex together export to over 85 countries around the world through a tight-knit distributor network.

With are here to help you with our domain expertise and also help you adjust to whatever may happen next.

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