GBL For Environmental Sustainability

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We believe the environment to be one of the core values of responsible businesses, hence, we ensure its sustainability by adapting the best ecological practices, protection of flora and fauna, etc.

Please go through the entire narrative in order to understand our activities for environmental sustainability, more pragmatically and productively, and most important of all, to know how you can practice and propagate it.

Our first and foremost focus is and has always been to preserve natural resources & energy. We have been striving to reduce wastage of water that is been used in the production process. The used water is then treated in the effluent treatment plant for watering gardens and lawns in and around the factory. This process helps us reduce demand and stress on water supply as a result of reducing the environmental impact.

Likewise, we implemented solar lights that have enhanced sustainability & gives us the long term benefits. Further talking about solar energy, the #GBL facilities and office spaces are designed to allow maximum natural light reducing energy consumption during the day.

Industrial waste management has a crucial part to contribute to environmental sustainability. The most effective methods- ‘reduce, reuse & recycle’ are no more just buzz words but have become a competitive advantage as they lead to cost reduction, resource optimization, and brand building.

We identify the amount of waste generated and as a means to reduce this, we implement a resource-saving process. In our production activities, we are engaged in resource loss reduction, employing our material flow analysis methods.

Following the law ‘that which is measured, improves’, we make sure to quantify the factory waste generated and adjust our process. We will continue to promote this activity for the reduction of waste generation.

Tree planting Initiatives: We have undertaken Tree planting initiatives recently and do so from time to time through our social initiative viz. Garware Social Foundation.

Today’s technological innovations are designed to conserve energy and natural resources. We do make use of environmentally sustainable technologies and practices for the prevention of pollution and continual improvement in environmental performance.