All You Need To Know About Mini Loop Bands/ Mini Resistance Bands – A Manufacturing Angle!

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Fulflex© brings you the Sports, Fitness, and Rehabilitation Products range. We specialize in the manufacturing of sports, fitness, rehabilitation, and home exercise products. This range includes products like exercise bands, rehabilitation bands, mini loop bands, resistance bars, hand grips, lacrosse balls, and spiky balls suitable for people of all age groups, athletes, etc.

*Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer OEM services and collaborate/ partner with reputed sport, fitness, and rehabilitation brands globally.

We have integrated all that you need to know about our sports and fitness products, individually, from the manufacturer’s standpoint. Hence, we start with the Mini Loop Bands/ Mini Resistance Bands:

  • Fulflex© Mini Loop Bands are provided in Latex-Free variants, thereby can now say goodbye to their concern over latex allergy. The mini resistance bands are manufactured with synthetic polyisoprene (latex-free), making them allergen-free.
  • Fulflex© Mini Loop Bands include Light (9 lbs.), Medium (12 lbs.) & Heavy (15 lbs.). The three color-coded progressive resistance system allows users to recognize improvement as it happens. People often graduate to a higher level of resistance as their muscle strengthens and balance improves through regular workouts.
  • The standard dimensions of Fulflex© mini loop bands are 255 mm. x 40 mm. x 1.0 mm. (length x width x thickness).
  • We use the best quality rubber, which improves their performance, which means they last longer even after being stretched during exercises.
  • Fulflex© mini loop bands can be used in the clinic, the gym, at home, or on the go for & by people of all age groups, especially athletes and fitness enthusiasts.