Perfect Elastic Tapes for Comfort Apparels

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rubber elastic tapesThe textile and elastic tapes used in intimate, swimwear & active / sportswear wear need to be flexible, comfortable and durable while not compromising on the aesthetic appeal. Insert elastics have evolved in recent times due to the demanding consumer needs for comfort and fit. Elastic rubber tapes as insert elastics are widely used in intimates & active wear which includes underwear, panties, swimwear, lingerie and sportswear.

As compared to other elastics, today a number of apparel production houses favour elastic rubber tapes, these rubber strips / tapes deliver across multiple dimensions of usage such as waist, leg and neck openings of intimate apparels, innerwear, sportswear & active wear.  Many tailor-made elastic rubber tape solutions have been developed to cater the various apparel manufacturer requirements. Manufacturers in these categories have to use the correct textile material and elastics, the use of the wrong kind of textiles and elastics can cause discomfort to the end users like leave marks or cause irritation.

Elastic rubber tapes are available in different widths, thickness, features, colours and surface finishes. Smooth tapes are available with talc-coated or silicone coated finish and ribbed tapes are special tapes with embossing impression on the surface and goes through a special treatment for lubricity and reduces the friction to meet the garment manufacturers requirement of high productivity.

Listed below are some different type of elastic rubber tapes suitable for intimate apparels, innerwear, sportswear and active wear

Smooth elastic rubber tapes:

Smooth rubber tapes areused as insert elastics in the waist and leg opening for underwear, innerwear, panties, swimwear and sportswear. Elastics used in lingerie need to be skin friendly, leave no marks and also lie flat when sewn. Elastic rubber tapes meet the mentioned criteria hence preferred by lingerie manufacturers in their products. Lingerie with elastic rubber tapes as insert elastics provide a cosy & comfort fit when used at waist and leg openings of the garment.

Ribbed elastic rubber elastic tapes / strips:

Ribbed tapes are popularly used elastic rubber tapes in swim wear for waist, leg and neck openings of swimwear. Ribbed elastic tapes makes the swim wear fit comfortably and also provides a good grip on the body of the user. Due to non-retention of water or sweat these tapes do not lose its elasticity and hence provides the user a comfortable body fit, over a longer period of time.

Garware Bestretch’s DuraStretch elastic rubber tapes:

Garware Bestretch Limited (GBL),is one the world’s leading elastic rubber tape manufacturers, offers customized range of insert elastics for the apparel industry. DuraStretch elastic rubber tapes offer desired stretch, unmatched comfort and excellent launderability.  Also available in the range are rubber tapes apt for swimwear due to their advantages like resistance to chlorine, saline water and sun tan lotions. Garware Bestretch is a known brand across the globe for manufacturing quality elastic rubber tapes (insert elastics).  The company constantly strives to meet international quality standards and customer requirements. Garware Bestretch also ensures to meet the innovative demands of the present textile & apparels industry.