What you prefer in an Active wear that makes you feel most confident?

A figure flattering fit? Or A stylish yet comfortable look? We have got that covered!

It’s time to make comfortable yet stylish activewear/ sportswear that will give figure-flattering fit.

Squeezing in a good workout in the best activewear can seem like a chore. Of course, comfort comes first, but while putting in all that hard work, it doesn’t hurt to feel your best too. So, whether you’re looking for soft fabrics, breathable material, a flexible stretch that moves with you, a stylish fit, or all of the above, one surefire way to ensure all the above is to use the high quality & high performing insert elastic rubber tapes in your Active wear.

For a comfortable fit, the insert elastic rubber tapes are developed with a superior stretch, extension & recovery properties and lies flat when sewn for better fit & appearance, provides a slimmer seam for superior design & compatible with the sheerest fabric.

With more and more options on your radar, there seems to be an endless supply of sportswear, sports bras, leggings, and gym essentials to choose from, but what matters the most is that they are long lasting & contains Insert elastic rubber tapes that deliver the perfect fit.

When the elastic rubber tapes retain its original size and tension after many washes, it is always a good idea to not restrict your activewear to gym or yoga classes and maybe, experiment a little.

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