Products for Sports, Fitness, and Rehabilitation by Fulflex©

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Fulflex© is the leading manufacturer and supplier of thin-gauge calendered, molded, and extruded elastic products. We specialize and are equipped to manufacture sports, fitness, and rehab products range.

Be it regaining the lost strength, or adding power to the exercise routine, Fulflex© makes it easy with its high-performing fitness and rehab products range.

The Fulflex© fitness and products range are available in latex-free and latex variant, color-coded with resistance/ strength level wherever applicable.

From us to you, here are our products for sports, fitness, and rehabilitation:

Fulflex© Exercise Bands:

Fulflex high-performance exercise bands (also known as resistance bands) are excellent for rehabilitation and power exercise, restoring muscle and joint functions. It also helps in conditioning and building muscle strength.

The latex-free bands have powder-free surface & are allergen-free. They have a specially textured surface to impart excellent gripping.

Fulflex© Rehabilitation Bands:

Fulflex high-performance bands are designed in response to the medical requirements of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. These exercise bands, also known as resistance/ rehabilitation bands, are for rehabilitating and restoring muscle & joint functions. It also helps in conditioning and building muscle strength.

The bands are available for different resistance levels & identified by color codes. They have a plain surface.

Fulflex© Mini Loop Bands:

Fulflex high-performance mini resistance bands – continuous loop elastic bands can be used for applications like stretching, warmup, strength training, and lower body exercises to increase strength and balance.

The bands are color-coded with resistance/ strength levels- light, medium, and hard. They are allergen-free, compact, and versatile.

Fulflex© Resistance Bars:

The resistance bars are commonly used for wrist and hand exercises & help in reducing muscle soreness, joint pains. The bars help to treat tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and injuries from cricket or all racket sports.

The bars have easy-grip material for comfortable use. They have a ribbed/groovy surface design for better grip while performing the exercises.

Fulflex© Lacrosse Balls:

Fulflex easy-grip, round-shaped/mobility massage ball helps stretch and loosen the fascia enabling the underlying tissue to move freely.

The lacrosse ball is small, lightweight, and portable.

Fulflex© Hand Grips:

Fulflex sturdy palm-sized rubber rings are designed to increase forearm strength. The flexible design with the right amount of resistance helps strengthen the forearm muscles.

The circular rubber rings need no adjustments, have flexible material that provides a comfortable grip with a smooth surface finish & are portable and lightweight.

Fulflex© Spiky Balls:

Fulflex ball-shaped massage tool with cap-shaped nodules or spikes helps stimulate muscles employing acupressure. Easy to use, spiky balls can help release muscle tension. The spikes act on pressure points and relieve stiffness while improving blood circulation.

The spiky balls are made with high-quality material that ensures durability sustaining fatigue and pressure over a long time. They are lightweight and portable.

Fulflex© is a passionate advocate of customization of the products. We create bespoke products in collaboration with our partners to meet the customers’ requirements.