Rubber Sheeting

Rubber sheeting has applications in a wide assortment of end use applications across various sectors like medical and industrial.  A few of the applications are baby mats, surgical & lab aprons, rubber aprons, ideal for the meat, fish and foodstuffs industries, rain wear apparels, hospital bed sheeting, surgical table covering, etc.

We collaborate with customers, understand their application needs in different industries and develop standard or customized products with specific properties to meet their requirements.

Our product properties:

  • Mild fragrance (de-odorant): Free from conventional, bad rubber smell by the use of scented de-odorant.
  • Surface Finish (Skin Friendly): Silicon coated to protect from any chance of irritation due to direct body contact.
  • Product Composition: Natural rubber or synthetic rubber (latex – free).
  • Sterilize (Re-usability): Sterilized by autoclave, hot air oven, ETO etc.
  • Color Application: Bi-colored sheets (used on both sides) pink / blue pattern. Can be customized to different color shades as per requirement
  • Stain Resistance (Surgical): Resistant to stains like bloodstain, etc.
  • Chemical Resistance (Lab): Resistant to most of chemicals like mild acids, phenol etc.
  • Washing Resistance (General): Washable with hot / cold water and detergent
  • Durability: Highly durable
  • Flexible: Highly flexible and minimum fold marks

We can have a range of rubber sheet products customized to order to suit any specific application. We offer quality products and outstanding customer service. Call or email today and let us know how we can create the ideal product to suit your requirement.