Solution not Pollution

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As one of the world’s premier manufacturers of latex and latex-free Elastic Rubber Products, we aim at focusing on environmental sustainability, conserving the environment and concern for future generations.

We are proud to be able to draw on our knowledge and experience to help contain the need for an hour i.e. air- pollution affecting the air quality, climate & environment resulting in significant health risks.

Following that, we are majorly preferred suppliers of ERTs, TPUs & TPEs to the mask manufacturers. BioStretch® Elastic Rubber Tapes, TPUs and TPEs are used in-ear loops and diaphragm of face masks and also has tunnel/insert elastic in Disposable Apparels like Doctor’s caps, gowns, shoe covers, etc.

Our in-house made ERT, TPU & TPE continue to perform with repeated stretch cycles or in continuous tension, with high elongations – easy to put on & take off, environment-friendly, lower coefficient of friction, soft feel for increased comfort.

BioStretch® Insert Elastics are made from the finest imported Natural and Synthetic Poly-isoprene (Latex-free) Rubber and meet the highest hygiene and safety standards for medical use.

GBL is a strategic enabler of business performance, delivering best-in-class products. The business focuses on a higher quality product, greater productivity, and enhanced customer experience. The product range consists of Elastic Rubber Tapes (smooth & ribbed/textured), Tourniquets, Es-march Bandages, Rubber Sheets and Exercise Bands, TPE Tape & Urethane Tape (TPU).