What should be there in a swimwear to fit you perfectly? “Insert Elastic” Rubber Tapes?

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Yes, our “insert Elastic” Rubber Tapes are the one-stop solution for the perfect fit!

The fabrics in today’s swimwear require superior stretching ability for fit and comfort combined with long-lasting performance. Elastic rubber tapes, which are made for swimwear are formulated to provide unique performance attributes to swimwear, including complete washability without shrinking, staining, or yellowing.

Elastic Rubber tapes are the formulation of synthetic or natural rubber compounds that deliver fit & comfort in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and colors to give you the right properties for your application and are recommended to be resistant to the chlorinated pool and saltwater, skin care lotions, and perspiration.

We have leveraged our years of elastic rubber tapes manufacturing experience to ensure that Our “Insert elastic” Rubber tapes used in swimsuit provide all day long comfort & fit for all body types & sizes.

We recommend to use the elastic rubber tapes that are exclusively made for #ThePerfectFit of your swimwear.

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