Things to know about Fulflex© Manufactured Products

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For over the past few decades, Fulflex© has been the world’s leading manufacturer of thin-gauge calendered and extruded elastic products. Over the same time frame, we doubled in size- and diversified into manufacturing a wide range of products. The product range consists of Elastic Rubber Tapes (smooth & ribbed/textured), Tourniquets, Esmarch Bandages, Rubber Sheets, Sports, Fitness and Rehabilitation & Home Exercise Equipment (hyperlink to workbook pdf). The Company is also the preferred brand of insert elastic in various medical disposable apparel, home textile, and other customer-specific applications.
We’ve penned down an article, which covers the tip of the iceberg. We’d love for you to take a peek!

Premium quality raw material is always the top priority:

We use natural and synthetic polymers as raw materials to make our products. Best quality raw materials are logically the most important & core of our products, something we attach to durability and quality. We get these materials quality checked and delivered by our reliable long-time suppliers from the South Asian countries.
The specially formulated Synthetic Polyisoprene (Latex- free) products provide the benefits of natural rubber in comfort and feel. The latex-free variant makes the product free of natural rubber latex protein allergen. Fulflex© threads and tapes are certified 100% latex-free, REACH, and FDA compliant. As a result of the Latex-Free recourse, now say goodbye to the concern over latex allergy.

Customization & private label branding:

Fulflex© believes in offering products tailored to customers’ specific requirements. We customize the products to your choice of thickness/ width combinations, colors, and printing that allows you to put your signature on medical, sports, fitness, rehabilitation & home exercise products. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to offer OEM services and collaborate/ partner with reputed brands globally.

Inventory Management:

Fulflex eliminates logistical problems by managing your inventory needs and providing safety stock from warehouses across the globe. We have warehouses in the U.S.A., Honduras, Belgium, Vietnam, and India.