Garare bestrech brands application

The Fulflex brand has gained recognition and trust globally and is today recognized for its qualities of top performance, durability and versatility. The brand has grown from strength to strength and has diversified into various categories such as Apparel, Home Textile, Medical Disposables, Gym/Rehab and more. The brand has made a mark in global and domestic markets in these categories and has set new benchmarks for the industry.


Durastrech Elastic rubber tapes for underwear


Elastic Rubber Tapes

Fulflex elastic rubber tapes is the preferred brand of insert elastics by apparel manufacturers. The desired stretch, comfort, launderablility and many more such features make it incomparable and widely accepted across the industry.

Biostrech tourniquets


Medical Rubber Tapes & Sheets

Fulflex medical rubber tapes & rubber sheets exclusively deliver custom-made elastic solutions for medical industry. Fulflex tourniquets, esmarch bandages, rubber sheets etc. meet medical industry’s specific need of high quality, uncompromising safety and comfort. The brand offers a 100% latex-free product range.

Ultrastrech elastic rubber tape for fitted bed sheet

Home Textiles

Elastic Rubber Tapes

Fulflex brand is created to cater the flexible needs of current textile industry. The Elastic Rubber Tapes made from synthetic or natural polymer lends fabric flexibility, comfort and durability along with aesthetic appeal. High heat resistance, outstanding wash resistance and versatility perfectly suit an assortment of home textile products.

Powerstrech exercise bands

Fitness & Rehab

Exercise/Resistance Bands

To meet exercise & rehabilitation needs, Garware Fulflex has launched bands that provides latex/latex–free exercise bands. They are extremely flexible, durable and come in user-friendly color coding. Latex exercise band have smooth surface while the latex-free bands have textured surface or powder-free surface for better gripping.


Physiotherapy & Rehab

Latex – Free exercise bands

Garware Fulflex latex – free exercise bands, also known as resistance bands have been created in response to the special medical requirements of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Maxstrech elastic tape for car cover


Elastic Rubber Tapes & Sheets

The natural or synthetic blend polymer offers maximum stretchability, high performance and resistance. It has the ability to bear high stretch or load situations & withstands extreme weather conditions.