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Customer Specific Applications

Fulflex elastic rubber tapes & rubber sheets cater to customer specific applications like

  • Vacuum Bag Closure (For Dust Collection Bag)
  • Insert elastics for automobile covers, car seat covers, luggage pockets etc.
  • Utility Shock Cords
  • Shin Guards
  • Swimming Goggles
  • And many more applications.

A unique blend of natural or synthetic blend polymer in Fulflex lends it the versatility to be used in a wide assortment of products in a varied spectrum of industries; for stretchability and ruggedness in Luggage Pockets, for high performance as Diaphragms in Vacuum Bag Closures and for resistance to chlorine/salted water in Swimming Goggles and more. The special structure of this product delivers high performance quality under various stretch or load situations and hence is a preferred choice. An automobile cover is exposed to natural elements and Fulflex rubber tapes for this application resists ozone, withstands extreme weather conditions and holds on tightly and securely on to the automobile.

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