Customer Specific Applications

Fulflex Elastic Rubber Tapes

Fulflex elastic rubber tapes have a variety of use, in a wide assortment of products in a carried spectrum of industries. Many of the applications require elastic rubber tapes which are durable and of high tensile strength, Fulflex rubber meet these requirements and hence the preferred choice.

Fulflex elastic rubber tapes are being used in high-force applications like vacuum cleaner dust bags, shock cords, shin guards & knee brace used in sports, swimming goggles and even luggage pockets in travel cases.

Made of latex or latex-free rubber, our rubber tapes ensure years of reliability and durability.


Features – Fulflex Elastic Rubber Tapes

High Quality

High Quality Elastics

Heate Resistance

High Heat Resistance

Zero Shrinkage

Zero Shrinkage in Wet or Dry Conditions

Excellent Launderability

Excellent Laundrability

Outstanding Wash Resistance

Outstanding Wash Resistance

Tension & Stress

Tension and Stress Evenly Distributed


Resistance to Saline Water, Chlorine and Sun Tan Lotions

developed meet specific customer needs

Developed to meet Specific Customer Needs

Specifications – Fulflex Elastic Rubber Tapes

  1. Elastic Rubber Tapes are available in Natural Rubber (latex), Synthetic (latex-free) rubber/BHT free.

  1. Widths are available varying from 1.5 mm (1/16″) to 1,250 mm (49″).

  1. Thickness is available varying from 0.19 mm (0.0075″) to 1.2 mm (0.047″).

  1. The elastic rubber tapes have a smooth surface.

  1. To meet the customer’s lubricity requirements we provide talc coated or silicone coated surface finishes.″).

  1. Colors available are snow white, grey, black & customized color on special order basis.

  1. Festooned packaging in 8kg corrugated boxes.