Durastrech elstic rubber tape for Sportwear


Elastic Rubber Tapes for Sportswear

Fulflex elastic rubber tapes offer good elasticity and excellent stretch recovery property which makes it the most preferred and extensively used insert elastics in Sportswear.

Elastic rubber tapes are used in the insert elastic of the waist, leg openings, and shoulder straps of the sportswear by established sportswear manufacturers worldwide due to unmatched performance advantages that our elastic rubber tapes have to offer.

Sportswear is designed keeping in mind the requirements of a particular sports like wrestling, track & field, dance & gymnastics. Some specific features of these apparels are they observe sweat, form fitting, snug fit etc. so as not to restrict movement. Consequently when Fulflex elastic rubber tapes are used as insert elastics in sportswear the rubber tapes do not lose its elasticity as they are resistant to saline water, have good stretch recovery and able to maintain the position of the garment on the body without encumbering the sportsperson during rigorous movements.

Durastrech elastic rubber tapes for sports bra

Features – Fulflex Elastic Rubber Tapes

Good Elasticity

Optimal Elasticity

Stretch Recovery

Excellent Stretch Recovery

Heate Resistance

High Heat Resistance

Zero Shrinkage

Zero Shrinkage

Lies Flat

Lies Flat when Sewn

Provides a Slimmer Seam

Provides a Slimmer Seam

Tension & Stress

Consistent Tension across the Length

Specifications – Fulflex Elastic Rubber Tapes

  1. Elastic Rubber Tapes are available in Natural Rubber (latex), Synthetic (latex-free) rubber/BHT free.

  1. Widths are available varying from 1.5 mm (1/16″) to 1,250 mm (49″).

  1. Thickness is available varying from 0.19 mm (0.0075″) to 1.2 mm (0.047″).

  1. To meet the customer’s lubricity requirements, we provide talc coated or silicone coated surface finishes.

  1. Festooned packaging in 8kg corrugated boxes.

  1. Colors available are snow white, grey, black & customized color on special order basis.

  1. The elastic rubber tapes have a smooth surface.