elastic rubber tapes smooth

Elastic Rubber Tapes (Smooth) for Apparels & Textile Applications

Product Description & Characteristics

Rubber Type:

Natural Rubber (Latex); Synthetic Poly-isoprene Rubber (Latex-free)


Width – 1.5mm (1/16″) to 1,250mm (49″)
Thickness – 0.19mm (0.0075″) to 1.2mm (0.047″)


Comfort and durability are extremely important criteria when it comes to the elastic used in underwear, swimwear, lingerie and sportswear. The garment needs to be as comfortable and snug as possible on the first day itself and must retain these features for a long period through regular wash, use and cycles. The high quality Elastic Rubber Tapes provides just this combination.

Fulflex is also the preferred brand of insert elastic in various medical disposable apparels, home textile and customer specific applications.

Elastic Rubber Tapes (Smooth) – Features / Advantages

Heate Resistance

High Heat Resistance

Excellent Launderability

Excellent Launderability

Zero Shrinkage

Zero Shrinkage in Wet or Dry Conditions

Tension & Stress

Tension & Stress Evenly Distributed

Provides a Slimmer Seam

Provides a Slimmer Seam

Outstanding Wash Resistance

Outstanding Wash Resistance

Long Continuous Length

Long Continuous Length Resulting in Longer Production Runs

Resistance to Saline

Resistance to Saline Water, Chlorine and Sun Tan Lotions

Lies Flat

Lies Flat when Sewn

Elastic Rubber Tapes (Smooth) – Specifications


Talc-coated or Silicone-coated Elastic Rubber Tapes are also available to suit the customer’s lubricity requirements.


The standard colors are Snow White, Grey and Black. Other colors are developed on special requirements of the customer.


The Elastic Rubber Tapes come in continuous length. It is packed in 8kg corrugated boxes and palletized to ensure sea worthy packaging.