Exercise / Resistance Bands

Fulflex is Garware Fulflex’s  specialized brand created to meet Exercise & Rehabilitation needs. Fulflex Exercise bands are available in latex or latex-free varieties. The latex exercise band is with smooth surface, the latex-free exercise bands are manufactured with a textured surface, with a powder-free surface for better gripping. The exercise bands are resilient and durable and come in user-friendly color coding for both latex and latex-free resistance levels.

Fulflex Exercise/Resistance Bands are available in “incremental resistances”. These ranges are determined by the thickness of band and are accordingly color-coded.

They are excellent for rehabilitation & power exercises and restoring muscle & joint functions. In addition to this, Fulflex are popularly used in sports training and also other kinds of endurance and balance training programs.

Exercise band

Features of Fulflex Exercise/Resistance Bands


Powder-free Surface (Latex-free-Band)

Plain or Textured Surface

Special Textured Surface to Impart Excellent Gripping

Range of colors available

User-friendly Color Coding

Static free

Static-free (Latex-free Bands)

Specifications of Fulflex Exercise/Resistance Bands

  1. Offered in 4″ wide latex-free (5 color coded resistance level).

  1. 5″ wide latex rubber (6 color coded resistance levels).

  1. Available in continuous length of 20 meter (21.8 yards) and in cut length of 1.5 meter (1.63 yards).

  1. Other widths & lengths and resistance levels available on request.

Resistance Levels

Fulflex Exercise/Resistance bands are available for different resistance levels. These resistance levels as per their color codes are defined in the below charts for latex-free and latex bands.

Resistance level color coding for latex-free exercise bands

Color Code Color Resistance
Levels* lbs* kgs*
a Yellow Light 9.98 4.5
a Red Medium 11.86 5.4
a Green Strong 13.73 6.2
a Blue Extra Strong 15.60 7.0
a Black Super Strong 16.85 7.7

Resistance level color coding for latex exercise bands

Color Code Color Resistance
Levels* lbs* kgs*
a Red Thin 5.40 2.45
a Green Medium 6.75 3.07
a Blue Heavy 8.10 3.68
a Black Extra Heavy 10.13 4.60
a Silver Super Heavy 14.85 6.75
a Gold Maximum 16.88 7.67