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Fulflex Synthetic Poly-Isoprene (Latex-free) Sheets

The specially formulated Fulflex Synthetic Poly-isoprene (Latex-free) Sheets provide the benefits of natural rubber in comfort and feel.

The high-quality latex-free sheets are ideal components of a drape sheet and are available in different sizes for use by drape sheet manufacturers in a variety of drape products.

Biostrech latext-free sheet rolls

Features Of Fulflex Synthetic Poly-Isoprene Sheet

High Quality

High Quality

Comfort during Usage

Comfort during Usage

Protects from Skin

Protects from Skin Irritations & Allergy

Strong & Durable

Strong & Durable

Specifications for Fulflex Synthetic Poly-Isoprene (Latex-free) Sheets

Rubber Type:

  • Synthetic Poly-isoprene (Latex-free)


  • Any width up to 900 (35″) – 1200 mm (47″)


  • 0.19 mm to 1mm (0.007″ to 0.040″)be treated with Talc or Silicone based on requirement.


  • Smooth

Surface Treatment:

  • Talc or Silicone


  • Blue, Green or customized colors are also available on specific orders

Supply Form:

  • Cut to specific length or can be supplied in rolls

The Fulflex Rubber Esmarch (Esmarks) Bandages can also be manufactured in the latex variant. Specifications like sizes, surface & supply form are similar to the latex-free tourniquets. Latex Rubber Esmarch (Esmarks) Bandages are available in the color Straw (Beige). Fulflex Esmarch (Esmarks) Bandages can be customized for width, thickness, length and color on special order basis. Customized packaging and labeling is available.