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Fulflex is Garware Fulflex’s specialized brand created to cater to the specific needs of the medical industry for products such as

  1. Latex-free Tourniquets
  2. Latex-free Esmarch Bandages
  3. Synthetic Poly-isoprene (Latex-free) Sheets (Used as inserts in orthopedic drapes)
  4. Rubber Sheets
  5. Elastic Rubber Tapes as Ear Loops and Diaphragm for Face Masks
  6. Insert elastics for Shoe Covers, Bouffant Caps, Disposable Clothing, etc.

(* tourniquets & esmarch bandages are also available in the latex variant)

Garware Fulflex provides tailor-made solutions to suit the medical industry’s specific needs of high quality, uncompromising safety and comfort during usage. Fulflex Rubber Tourniquets & Rubber Esmarch Bandages are comfortable and flexible while providing perfect stretch support. Fulflex Synthetic Poly–isoprene (Latex-free) sheets are used as inserts in drape sheets, and the rubber sheets are waterproof, phenol/alcohol resistant and suitable for steam sterilization. Its rubber tape ear loops are recommended in face masks as they are easy on the skin and yet strong and durable.

The brand offers a 100% Latex-free rubber medical product range which protects you from skin irritations and allergy.

Also on offer are high performance elastic rubber tapes that can be used in disposable clothing.

Biostretch Tourniquets

Fulflex Medical Rubber Tapes – Serving the Medical Industry

Fulflex is Garware Fulflex’s specialized brand created to cater the specific needs of the medical industry. It provides tailor-made solutions that meet the industry’s needs of high quality, total safety and comfort during usage.

Fulflex products such as Tourniquets, Esmarch Bandages, Synthetic Poly–isoprene (Latex-free) Sheets, Rubber Sheets and Elastic Rubber Tapes have been appreciated and adopted by the medical industry all over the world. The 100% latex-free products are also the preferred choice in the industry.

Garware Fulflex is a leading manufacturer of medical disposable devices with rich experience catering to diverse customer needs and develop products accordingly.

Garware Fulflex sets highest standards and is now ISO 13485:2012 certified.

Garware Fulflex’s package consisting of quality, cost, service and delivery has made it the preferred supplier to some of the biggest names in the industry including medical and kit distribution in USA, since 2000. Garware Fulflex is listed with FDA, USA.