Diya Garware Ibanez

My grandfather, Abbasaheb Garware despite not having a formal education dreamt of making education a tool of empowerment for India and its people and spearheaded efforts to set up a number of educational institutions in the country, notably the University of Bombay’s Garware Institute of Career Education and Development, Pune’s Abasaheb Garware College as well as the Vimlabai Garware School. My father, Ramesh Garware while educated at Cambridge was as passionate about education and giving back to society through education & health. As his daughter, I couldn’t be more proud to take their legacy & dream forward by starting The Ramesh Garware School, Wai in their memory. It already has close to 400 students and has just had the first batch of 10th standard students pass out. We’re now adding a brand new building that will house close to 1200 students and allow us to convert to a CBSE Board program! Sharing a few pictures from the school and I hope this school gives India many a scholar, scientist, sportsperson and academician! I hope this school continues to make Wai and us all, prouder!