Exercise / Resistance Bands

Fulflex bands have been created in response to the special medical requirements of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. These exercise bands, also known as resistance bands, are good for rehabilitating and restoring muscle & joint functions. It also helps in conditioning and building muscle strength.

Made of latex-free rubber, the Fulflex bands are available for different resistance levels. These resistance levels are identified by different colour codes. Fulflex bands are supplied in plain surface.

Fulflex bands offer excellent puncture / tear resistance, good stretchability, lasts long and is advantageous in many respects.

Rehabstretch exercise bands

Features of Fulflex Exercise / Resistance Bands


Specifications of Fulflex Exercise / Resistance Bands

  • Offered in 3 color coded resistance level Yellow Red & Green.
  • Available in Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3
  • Material: Latex free
  • Dimensions: 102 mm X 1.5 m
  • Storage directions: Do not expose to direct sunlight or chemicals

Resistance Levels for Fulflex Latex – Free Exercise Bands

Resistance Level Colour Code Resistance in Kgs.* Resistance in Lbs.*
Extra Light yellowYellow 1.75 3.85
Light redRed 2.25 4.95
Medium greenGreen 2.75 6.05

* At 100% elongation  * Tolerance: +/- 15%