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Fulflex Elastic Rubber Tapes For Face Masks, Medical & Industrial Disposable Apparels

Fulflex Elastic Rubber Tapes are used in ear loops and diaphragm of face masks and also has tunnel/insert elastic in Disposable Apparels like Doctors’ caps, gowns, shoe covers etc. The brand has been appreciated for its trustworthy performance, its durability and ease of usage.

Fulflex Insert Elastics are made from the finest imported Natural and Synthetic Poly-isoprene (Latex-free) Rubber and meet the highest hygiene and safety standards for medical use.

Features – Fulflex Elastic Rubber Tapes

Tension & Stress

Consistent Tension across the Length

product feature

Good enlongation

Provides a Slimmer Seam

Provides a Slimmer Seam

Lies Flat

Lies Flat when Sewn

Stretch Recovery

Excellent Stretch Recovery

Specifications – Fulflex Elastic Rubber Tapes

  1. Elastic Rubber Tapes are available in Natural Rubber (latex), Synthetic (latex-free) rubber/BHT free.

  1. Widths are available varying from 1.5 mm (1/16″) to 1,250 mm (49″).

  1. Thickness is available varying from 0.19 mm (0.0075″) to 1.2 mm (0.047″).

  1. The elastic rubber tapes have a smooth surface.

  1. To meet the customer’s lubricity requirements we provide talc coated or silicone coated surface finishes.

  1. Colors available are snow white, grey, black & customized color on special order basis.

  1. Festooned packaging in 8kg corrugated boxes.

Face mask material (100% latex free rubber elastics / loop bands for face masks) & elastics for medical disposable apparels.

We are an integral part of the supply chain to the personal protective industry supplying face mask material like elastics / loop bands for face masks (100% latex – free), to face mask manufacturers, manufacturing masks like N95 face masks, dust masks and other types of disposable face masks. In addition, we supply face mask materials like TPE / TPU elastic tape headbands / loop bands and respiratory valves to face mask manufacturers.

We also supply elastic rubber tapes / elastics to the manufacturers of medical disposable apparels like coverall, gowns, shoe cover and bouffant caps.